The Wonderful Land of The Penguins And Their Antics
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Penguins, Penguins and More Penguins

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Someone asked me recently about seeing polar bears in Antarctica.  What some folks don’t realize is that there are no polar bears in the southern polar region.  The polar bears are in the north, while the southern polar region is known for penguins.  And the Penguins are quite entertaining creatures.  They are really the comedians of Antarctica.  While they are incredibly graceful in the water, they look awkward and silly on land.  Their waddle and belly slide always seem to steal the show.

Types of Penguins


There are several types of Penguins you may see in your adventure.


The Adelie Penguin – The most common you will see.

The Adelie Penguin

The Chinstrap Penguins – Known for their distinctive black strap under the chin

The Chinstrap Penguins

Gentoo Penguins – Know for longer tail and orange beak

Gentoo Penguins

The Emperor Penguin – Rare to see and very large (4ft)

How Close Do We Get to Penguins


It’s important to not approach any of the penguins and keep a safe distance.  The adventure crew will provide and advise as to how close you can get to any of the wildlife.  It’s not uncommon to be asked to stay 10 meters away from approaching penguins. However, if you plant yourself and keep stationary, you will find these curious animals will come within 5 feet of you.


Come join us on our next Antarctic adventure.

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